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astrology_hp's Journal

Astrology in the Magical World
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The Zodiac signs for Harry Potter fans.
Welcome the grand opening of a new section of my shop! This new section will focus on another area I have studied and am profoundly interested in. While it’s true Divination at Hogwarts can be seen as a bit of a wooly discipline (especially under the tutelage of Professor Trelawney), there was one area of the course that I found quite fascinating and helpful: astrology. One can learn quite a bit about oneself through astrology, it can be a wonderful guide through life.

As in the tradition of my Custom Wands this section is not just about ordering a flashy or shiny new trinket to show off. It will help teach you and give you the tools you need to understand this area of divination, and through that understanding you could potentially learn quite a bit about your subconscious self. Or perhaps understand more of the ‘whys’ about your conscious self.

This will not be a source to look up your horoscopes my dear students, it is a place to learn about your own personal Zodiac sign and thus quite possibly your future. A horoscope is as unclear an exercise as reading tea leaves. Different people may interpret your sign in different ways. It is important that you learn as much as you can about this subject so that you yourself can interpret the information. No one knows you as well as yourself, so who better to interpret?