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14 January 2009 @ 06:37 pm

Optimistic, Restless, Cheerful, Energetic, Generous.
"I See."

You thrive on new ideas and love a change of scenery. you're a free and progressive spirit.

Sagittarians appear to float through life and are seemingly very lucky. Restless by nature, you always think that the grass is greener on the other side; therefore, you are always in search of that "other side."

A thinker, you are constantly searching for answers. Sagittarians are considered to be the nicest in the Zodiac. Kind and open-hearted, you are always doing nice things and favors for others. You have a great sense of humor and enjoy telling a good story.

Straightforward and honest, you are both appreciated by others and can shock them deeply. What you say is what you mean, and you don't have any hidden agendas.

Sagittarians can get bored quite easily and that makes you rather impatient. You thrive when something is truly at stake, wherein you will do whatever you can to win. Ultimately, you believe in your luck. You possess an uncanny intuition about others.

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14 January 2009 @ 06:37 pm

Reserved, Patient, Ambitious, Diligent.
"I Use."

You are a born leader and find answers where others may not even think to look.

Capricorns are ambitious being. Motivated by success, you desire money, status, and love. You grasp new ideas quickly and have an incredible ability to concentrate.

Because you are reserved and meticulous, others don't always see just how creative you truly can be. You are very self-sufficient and others lean on you for your support and strength. You always rise to the occassion.

You are very tough on yourself and thrive in a structured environment. Chaos drives you crazy. Capricorns tend to feel insecure, eventhough you know how intelligent and determined you are in life. The loner of the Zodiac, you have a need to be loved and appreciated.

More than any other sign in the Zodiac, you tend to marry for money and status.

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14 January 2009 @ 06:37 pm

Original, Assertive, Friendly, Independent.
"I Know."

You march to the beat of a drifferent drummer and enjoy being original.

Visionaries, Aquarians are the sign of the future. Boredom is something you loathe and try to avoid at all costs.

Interestingly, for as boad-minded as you are, you can be quite dogmatic about your opinions. As an idea person, you live in a great deal in your mind. Even so, you area great communicator and love to share your views and findings with others. Creative and imaginative, you can't be bothered with the details of daily life that bog others down.

Out going and friendly, you make friends wherever you go. You attract and appreciate all different kinds of people from various walks of life. An innate humanitarian, you have a desire to make the world the best you know it can and should be.

Freindship and love are very important to you. You often wonder if the people you care deeply for feel the same about you. Perhaps that's because the inner you experiences feelings of incecurity and even shyness. But you needn't worry, people naturally gravitate toward you.

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14 January 2009 @ 06:37 pm

Adaptable, Romantic, Compassionate, Intuitive.
"I Believe."

You have an other-worldly aura and the ability to see deeply into the psyche of others.

As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces represents the end of the circle and the sign of eternity. Innately intuitive, you often feel things before you even know about it.

You are gentle and easy-going and adapt quite easily to most situations-except those that are too controlled. Compassion and kindness come naturally and you are very friendly to everyone. You are not a leader, but your understanding spirit serves as a role model to many.

Witty and vivacious, you love doing new things and easily get caught up in new adventures. Instinctively, you find the easy way out. And, most often, you prefer to work alone versus in a group because you are basically insecure.

Because of your loyal nature, you make a great friend. Though you sometimes find it hard to believe, you deeply touch the lives of the people with whom you come in contact.

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