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Patient, Affectionate, Dependable, Quiet, Secure.
"I Have."

You persevere when other's quit - that's probably why you tend to be very successful.

Taurus is dependable and can be counted upon in most situations. An achiever with endless patience, you are uncomfortable with change and don't like to be rushed into anything new. You need to do things in your own time. Hardly ever do you show it, but you do have a temper which can take others by surprise.

Caring and giving, Taurus simply adore beautiful things. You respond to love, magnificence, and color. Are and music inspire you. You are very down-to-earth, yet have a great appreciation for money and things that are valuable.

A homebody by nature, you are happiest at home surrounded by love ones. You are energetic on your terms only. Otherwise, you have a tendency to be a bit lazy and self-indulgent. Private and guarded, you are extremely faithful to those whom you love.

GOOD TRAITS: faithful, sincere, brave, dependable, solid
CHALLENGING TRAITS: naive, obsessive, stubborn, possessive, plodding

DUALITY: Feminine
LUCKY DATES: 6th, 15th, 24th
FLOWERS: Violet & Poppy
TREES: Apple & Cyprus
HERBS: Spearmint, Sorrel
METAL: Copper
PART OF THE BODY RULES BY TAURUS: Neck and throat. You are often prone to colds, laryngitis, and sore throats.

VIRGO: Your life with a Virgo will be filled with security and material success
CANCER: Affection, love, and understanding will fill your lives.
CAPRICORN: Your minds and hearts will work as one.
PISCES: Friendship, love, and appreciation will be the central focus of your lives.

IDEAL FRIEND: funny, strong-willed, loyal
IDEAL ROMANTIC INTEREST: energetic, nurturing, successful
IDEAL COLLEAGUE: reliable, practical, amenable
IDEAL PET: pot bellied pig

You like to sit back and relax. A leisurely trip to a seaside town or spa would be right up your alley. Or perhaps a stay in Hogsmeade is just right for you, with all the wonderful shops to check out on a stroll through town. (I wouldn't recommend visiting during one of Hogwart's 'Hogsmeade Weekends' however, the town will be crawling with loud obnoxious underage Witches and Wizards then!)

Finance, architect, builder, gardener or broker. Perhaps you could start your own greenhouse to sell Herbology supplies, teach Herbology or open your own shop in Diagon Alley.

These wizards will be less hot headed and apt to charge at windmills than other Gryffindors, for Taurus is an earth sign, and the element of Earth adds a pragmatic streak to even the flightiest of wizards. As with all Taureans, though, if a Gryffindor Taurus is pushed hard enough, she will exhibit a volcanic temper. Gryffindors born under this sign will be exceptionally loyal to their friends, and will have high standards of personal integrity.

Taurus, the nature-loving bull, is a natural sign for Hufflepuffs to be born under. These wizards tend to specialize in herbs and nature spells, also in the husbandry and preservation of magical beasts. Their gentle good natures, open friendliness, hard work, patience, and politeness endear them to most everyone they meet. However, these Hufflepuff Taureans must be careful not to overwork themselves, lest they suffer breakdowns in health. (It has been noticed that Hufflepuffs born under the sign of Taurus swing wildly between overwork and indolence, the lazy periods being used to recharge their energy; they seem to have a problem pacing themselves.) They like their magical workrooms neat and tidy, and prefer peaceful occupations to dangerous or aggressive ones; most Hufflepuffs born under this sign wind up working as hedge witches, village herbalists, and midwives.

In some ways, this seems almost a contradiction. A head-in-the-clouds, theoretically-oriented Ravenclaw, born under the pragmatic, materialistic sign of Taurus? However, a surprising number of philosophers (including Socrates) have been Taureans. The intellectual Taurus is gifted not only with prodigious mental capacity, but also the sensible logic, determination, and assurance to see a theorem through from start to finish. Ravenclaws born under this sign make excellent magical researchers and are gifted with the unusual capacity to write sensibly and fluently about their results and interpretations of experiments. Because Taurus is a patient sign, and good at communication, many Ravenclaw Taureans eventually end up teaching at Hogwarts.

In this House, the traits associated with Taurus that will be most emphasized are materialism and loyalty. These Slytherins will be almost blindly loyal to their friends and allies, and they will value wealth and the trappings of wealth over more intangible assets. Determination will also be emphasized. All Slytherins are determined, but the stubborn Taurus Slytherin is unstoppable once they have their mind set on something. A large number of Slytheirns in this sign work for Gringotts after graduating from Hogwarts, for they are very good with money.
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