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Imaginative, Sensative, Loyal, Astute.
"I Feel."

You have a forceful personality and love to push the envelope, yet you are quite cautious.

Cancerians are not easy to understand. One day you are kind, sympathetic, and patient. The next day you are cranky and indifferent and only interested in yourself. You embody myriad contradictions.

You have a difficult time trusting others and tend to hide your deepest feelings and thoughts; therefore, others don't know that you are extremely sensative.

Cancerians need constant love and encouragement. When you care about someone or something, you care with an incredible loyalty and depth. You make a great impact on others and have a knack for making others feel cared for and understood. Not easily fooled, you are perceptive in your intuitions and can sense the slightest change in others. You are an observer with a photographic memory.

Money means security to you; however, no matter how much you have, you never feel totally secure. you are a highly emotional person who is constantly feeling and observing. Change is not something you embrace willingly and you will easily repeat an action only if you have completed it successfully before.

GOOD TRAITS: loyal, sympathetic, industrious, cautious, determined
CHALLENGING TRAITS: secretive, moody, tempestuous, touchy, clingy

DUALITY: Feminine
QUALITY: Cardinal
POLARITY: Capricorn
LUCKY DATES: 2nd, 11th, 21st
COLOR: Sea Green and Silver
FLOWERS: Larkspur & Acanthus
TREES: Ones that are rich in sap
HERBS: Tarragon, Verbena
METAL: Silver
PART OF THE BODY RULES BY CANCER: The breasts and stomach. You are predisposed to digestive ailments caused by stress.

VIRGO: Your life with a Virgo will be filled with patience and understanding.
SCORPIO: Mutual trust and acceptance will make this a very positive relationship.
PISCES: Your relationship will be rich with romance and feelings.
TAURUS: Security, warmth, and romance will fill your lives together.

IDEAL FRIEND: warm, playful, encouraging
IDEAL ROMANTIC INTEREST: sensual, funny, attractive
IDEAL COLLEAGUE: supportive, hard-working, persuasive
IDEAL PET: horse

Always romantic, you'l love a trip to a historic city like Venice, Paris, New York, London, Salem or Hogsmeade. Be sure to dine out at a little cafe and take time to shop in the boutiques.

Journalist, writer, politician, caterer or organizer. Whatever your career choice you will be a natural leader, whether you're a Quidditch Captain or head a department at the Ministry of Magic.

Gryffindors born under the sign of Cancer will root for the home team until their throats are raw. They are deeply loyal to their House (and also to any friends outside of their House, although these may take a back seat to Gryffindor loyalties). Make a friend with a Gryffindor Cancer, and you've made a friend for life. Cancer is a sentimental, yet high achieving sign that dreams often, and dreams big; this combined with the Gryffindor romantic streak creates a quixotic, almost anachronistically chivalrous temperament.

Hufflepuff Cancers are oriented first and foremost to the home and to all things domestic. The ultimate homebodies of the magical world, they are at their happiest when they are puttering in the kitchen, stirring up food in magical cauldrons or whipping up soothing, healing potions. These wizards desperately need to be needed. If cut off from family, a circle of close friends, or a flock of wounded birds to tend, they will get anxious and depressed, unless their energies are directed somehow to a cause or a person which finds them good use. They are caring and compassionate, and are excellent listeners.

This is an odd sign for Ravenclaw wizards to be born under, but it happens. You'll see them wandering the halls, muttering to themselves or lost in daydreams. Some great Ravenclaw astrologers have been born under this sign. Any magic which involves moonlight and intricate calculations, actually, will attract the Ravenclaw Cancer. They may also be prone to collecting and enchanting white stones that remind them of the moon - pearls, moonstones, opals... These wizards have an extremely dry sense of humour, and are prone to making trenchant observations of the world around them.

Potions, potions, and more potions. Any Slytherin born under a water sign will excel at potions, and the Cancer Slytherin is no exception. The leadership ability and the lofty dreams of Cancer will also be emphasized; as will loyalty (directed for the most part to one's House). Slytherins born under the sign of Cancer will be more hard-shelled and less sentimental than other Cancers, but don't be fooled by their bossy, efficient exteriors. On the inside they are soft and needy, and they learn from a young age to hide this well. Slytherins born under water signs have another thing in common with each other: keen insight into what makes other people tick. These Slytherins are good at manipulating other people's emotions, and good as well at quickly learning the hidden stories behind the otherwise inexplicable actions of acquaintances. They never forget a cut or a kindness, so it is best to stay on their good side unless you want an obsessive, vindictive enemy.
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