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Welcome the grand opening of a new section of my shop! This new section will focus on another area I have studied and am profoundly interested in. While it’s true Divination at Hogwarts can be seen as a bit of a wooly discipline (especially under the tutelage of Professor Trelawney), there was one area of the course that I found quite fascinating and helpful: astrology. One can learn quite a bit about oneself through astrology, it can be a wonderful guide through life.

As in the tradition of my Custom Wands this section is not just about ordering a flashy or shiny new trinket to show off. It will help teach you and give you the tools you need to understand this area of divination, and through that understanding you could potentially learn quite a bit about your subconscious self. Or perhaps understand more of the ‘whys’ about your conscious self.

This will not be a source to look up your horoscopes my dear students, it is a place to learn about your own personal Zodiac sign and thus quite possibly your future. A horoscope is as unclear an exercise as reading tea leaves. Different people may interpret your sign in different ways. It is important that you learn as much as you can about this subject so that you yourself can interpret the information. No one knows you as well as yourself, so who better to interpret?

Let us begin.

Now astrology was, in its very beginnings a search for knowledge and a belief that that knowledge could be found in the configurations of the stars and planets. Ancient Witches and Wizards believed that in these configurations they could potentially find meanings that might enable them to discover information about the future. They studied the stars night after night, searching for meaning until they discovered not only patterns in the stars but other planets as well.

In the beginning there were two divisions to astrology: astrology and astronomy. Eventually the two branched off into two very separate entities, much like Muggles and Magical folk. Both study the stars and planets, they just use the information gathered differently. Muggles seem to prefer to only believe what they see. They have carefully conducted tests of the idea have shown it to be false. To them astrology is a pastime for dreamers and fools. We, however, know much better.

It has long been believed by Magical folk that through astrology we can predict future events, and to a certain degree that is true. However be warned, it is not an exact science. The notion that we can predict everything, that everything is already prewritten is very seductive; it makes life seem so much simpler and makes us feel we have an advantage. Realize however that we can only get an IDEA of what MIGHT happen. It is all based on you as a person, the sign you were born under, what type of person you are. You can change the future, if you can predict it correctly. This gives you little true advantage, as you will only know for sure if you’ve predicted correctly once you have or have not lived through it.

Circling the heavens like a belt are 12 of the most well known celestial clusters, known as constellations. The belt extends on either side of the path of the sun and includes the moon and planets. These 12 constellations belong to the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a collection of human figures, not-so-mythical creatures, and objects including the scales. The word Zodiac, derived from Greek, means circle of figures or living things. Some of the Zodiac constellations were recorded on clay tablets dating back to around 1100 BCE. The Bull, the Lion, and the Scorpion date all the way back to around 3000 BCE; over 5,000 years ago.

Ancient Seers divided the band of the Zodiac into 12 equal sections or "signs". Each of the 12 signs represents a period of 28-31 days of the year. Your birth date falls within one of these periods and determines which astrological sign is yours. Each sign is attached to lucky numbers, lucky days or the week, colors, plants, metals, jewels, key phrases, spices and more. Just like each of us, each of the signs is different and hold clues to who we are, what we like and dislike, and to whom and what we are attracted.
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