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Persuasive, Lively, Clever, Versatile.
"I Think."

You are curious about everything and always want to be part of the action.

The third sign of the Zodiac embodies all facets of human characteristics: intelligence, adaptability, and communication. Geminis are not only quick in thought, but also in action.

Duality is your most known trait. You are restless by nature and are always in search of new experiences and ideas. you have a constant need to communicate and you never stop asking questions. Others open up to you quite easily. Very charming, you create entertaining enthusiasm wherever you go. You make a great first impression, although some might view you as a bit superficial.

Sometimes you can be impatient with people who can't keep up with your fast actions and thoughts. When angry, you can be cynical. You hate routine, and value change and freedom more than anything.

GOOD TRAITS: caring, humorous, spontaneous, clever, versatile
CHALLENGING TRAITS: restless, remote, fickle, moody, impatient

DUALITY: Masculine
QUALITY: Mutable
POLARITY: Sagittarius
LUCKY DAY: Wednesday
LUCKY DATES: 5th, 14th, 23th
COLOR: Yellow
FLOWERS: Lily of the Valley & Lavender
TREES: Nut-bearing trees
HERBS: Marjoram, Caraway, Anise
METAL: Mercury
PART OF THE BODY RULES BY GEMINI: Hands, arms, shoulders and lungs. You are susceptible to bronchitis.

LEO: With Leo as your partner, your life will be filled with love and laughter.
AQUARIUS: Communication and understanding will be the basis of your relationship with an Aquarius.
LIBRA: Life with a Libra will be filled with social activities, quick wit, and affection.
ARIES: Enthusiasm and spirit will rule your relationship with an Aries.

IDEAL FRIEND: good listener, practical, witty
IDEAL ROMANTIC INTEREST: warm, spontaneous, romantic
IDEAL COLLEAGUE: organized, creative, ambitious
IDEAL PET: yorkshire terrier

You require intellectual stimulation at all times. Visit a historic landmark, museum, or ancient ruin for your vacation. Don't forget to book the guided tour. Visiting the Pyramids at Giza or enquiring if it's possible to have a tour around Hogwarts would be your ideal hot spots.

Writer, marketing, actor, sales, or graphic arts. Perhaps a job writing for The Daily Prophet or Quibbler is in order, or working in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade village at a shop. You could sell very well and perhaps even design a new poster for the front window. Your quick reflexes and mind could also grab you a job as Seeker with a Quidditch team.

You'll need track shoes to keep up with these Geminis. They have so much energy that they exhaust nearly everyone, save other Gryffindor Geminis. In class, they love to get into debates with the professor. Out of class, they love to get into trouble. These Gryffindor Geminis are as easily stirred by romantic dreams and noble causes as any other Gryffindors, although their involvement is more mental than practical - they lack the fortitude for battle and are best left passing propaganda to the real warriors. Expect a large number of them to work for the Daily Prophet after graduation.

Hufflepuff Geminis stand out for being geniuses at what Muggles like to call "multitasking." They can't just work on one project - they need to have eight or nine things going all at once, usually as close to a deadline as possible. They also tend to be a little more outspoken and extraverted in the classroom than the average Hufflepuff, who would rather sit near the back of the classroom and quietly take notes to study later. Because they bite off more than they can chew, they are always complaining of various ailments related to stress.

Ravenclaw Geminis are geniuses of communication. They debate ideas, write brilliant treatises, teach exciting classes, read large numbers of books on a regular basis, and study arcane languages. Because Mercury the planet is associated with the alchemical substance of quicksilver, the god Hermes (the messenger of the gods, and the conductor or dead souls to the Underworld), and the historical founder of alchemy, Hermes Trismagistus, many Ravenclaw Geminis also excel at the study of alchemy. These Ravenclaws are some of the best and most brilliant of their class, but they need to learn to finish the projects they start, and to differentiate between what is viable and what is best left as a "really great idea."

Ever heard the phrase "snake-tongued?" It must have been invented to describe a Slytherin Gemini. (This doesn't refer to the Parseltongue gift, either, although the few Slytherin wizards who exhibited it have had a disproportionate number of Geminis in their midst.) Slytherin Geminis have the dubious gift of being able to lay the blarney on thick, and be believed. This is due to both their imaginative mental agility and to their skill with words. Of course, not all Slytherin Geminis are liars - but it is probably advisable to get all sides of the story if you hear interesting gossip from one of these wizards. Slytherins born under the sign of Gemini are also naturally skilled at any magical work which involves sleight of hand or incantations. They are less determined and aggressive than the average Slytherin, though, save perhaps in a field that involves debate. You will find far more of them chatting in the common room or looking up arcane lore in the library than on the Quidditch field or in a dueling match, with the exception of Quidditch Seekers: the sharp eyesight and quick reflexes associated with Gemini are good traits for a Seeker to have.
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