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Restless, Modest, Industrious, Conscientious.
"I Analyze."

You have an incredible internal intensity.

Shrewd, perceptive, and critical, Virgos can come across as a bit cool to others. You are quite witty, charming, and friendly; however, when it comes to true friendships and relationships you are very selective and don't give your heart easily.

With a great eye for detail, you sometimes don't see the whole picture You have no tolerance, for laziness, since hard work, ambition, and success are traits that you embody and appreciate.

On the challenging side, you have a tendency to get easily stressed-out and can be a bit obsessive. In demanding situations, you are able to temporarily put your stress aside, remain calm, and are quite clever at finding solutions.

Virgos are very affectionate and loving to their life partners and make very good parents.

GOOD TRAITS: caring, hardworking, thorough, analytical, selective
CHALLENGING TRAITS: pessimistic, cynical, shy, distrustful, aloof

DUALITY: Feminine
QUALITY: Mutable
PRIMARY TRAIT: Conscientious
LUCKY DAY: Wednesday
LUCKY DATES: 5th, 14th, 23rd
COLOR: Orange
FLOWERS: Morning Glory & Pansy
TREES: Nut-bearing trees
HERBS: Cat's Ear, Crosswort
METAL: Mercury, Nickel
PART OF THE BODY RULES BY VIRGO: The nervous system and intestines. Virgos are prone to ulcers.

CAPRICORN: Life with a Capricorn will be dependable and steady.
TAURUS: You will have a life of material success and practicality with a Taurus.
CANCER: A Cancer will provide you with love and patience.
SCORPIO: You will work well together since you're both intelligent and practical.

IDEAL FRIEND: outgoing, smart, confident
IDEAL ROMANTIC INTEREST: optimistic, intelligent, easy-going
IDEAL COLLEAGUE: funny, tenacious, creative
IDEAL PET: king charles spaniel

You're the type that likes to learn about new cultures and places. You'll love an organized tour of an exotic land, like India, Thailand or Egypt, during which you can soak up the local customs.

Teacher, inventor, writer, researcher or accountant. You love to both work hard and learn, making you ideal for a hands on career at Hogwarts or another Wizarding school, or perhaps the life of a Ministry bureaucrat.

This is not a natural sign for Gryffindor, but some Gryffindors do end up born under the influence of Virgo. They are hard workers and usually very bright; they tend to be more ethically obsessed than most. Some Virgo wizards are also sorted into House Gryffindor because of their amazing imaginations; on the surface they may appear straight-laced and almost nervous, but inside is a wealth of romantic yearning and fantastic excitement. They quietly build dream castles in their minds; and the practical influence of the Earth element means that they, unlike more flighty signs, may have some chance of building those dream castles on solid foundations.

Hufflepuff Virgos are incredibly hard workers and bright, if quiet, students. They excel at any magical arts related to domestic life or healing. They must be watched carefully to ensure that they do not overstress their systems by performing too much work; these wizards have a very hard time learning the meaning of the word "no," and are thus easily taken advantage of for their work ethic. Let other people do the leading and the decision making; they are content to serve. And on their backs rests the industry of the world. Without people like them, civilization might grind to a halt, for who would take care of the practical details?

Ravenclaw Virgos are skeptical, analytical, mathematically oriented, and sharp witted. Many become great magi, alchemists, and astrologers. These people love ideas and theoretical discussion, and their leaps of intuition can be uncanny. The Earth element makes them shrewd and pragmatic, and keeps them from flying off into Never-Never-Land.

While these Slytherins might not be the most outgoing of their class, they are often among the most wise, and their canny observation and lightning-fast analysis of any given situation will take them far. Often behind that quiet mien hides the mind of a big dreamer, who had both the imagination to come up with a concept and the power to follow it through. These Slytherins are an interesting mix of politeness and politics, pragmatism and intuition. They make good alchemists, Ministry bureaucrats (well, somebody's got to do it), and academic advisors. They are often underestimated. This is most unwise.
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